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    Buying tickets for a football match in Italy is not as easy as buying tickets to many other sporting events in other countries. In order to buy tickets online through the official dealer, Listicket, you first need to buy a ‘Fan Stadium Card’. Unfortunately the site is only in Italian and shipping can be quite expensive. I’ve also been told that you can only have the card shipped to you if you are already an Italian citizen; otherwise you must pick it up in Italy (completely defeating the purpose of attempting to buy the tickets online for most foreigners). After you’ve received your Fan Stadium Card, you can use the information on it to then to buy your match tickets online through Listicket.

    As you can see, the online process is quite complicated, time consuming, expensive and likely futile for most people looking to quickly secure tickets before their trip to Naples. Buying tickets on other secondary online markets is not advised because the validity of the tickets is usually not guaranteed and the tickets require your name to be on them so you run the risk of being rejected at the stadium gates. That leaves us with the option of buying tickets in person.

    In Person

    Buying tickets in person is a lot easier but of course it requires you to be in Italy. For the average match, securing a ticket a day or two before should not be a problem. However, for some of the bigger matches, and also often matches toward the end of the season, you do run the risk of the stadium, or at least the most affordable tickets, selling out. When you go to buy your tickets you will need your ID with you, as they will enter your name into the system and have it printed on the ticket. One of the most convenient places to go to to buy your ticket is in the Galleria Umberto. There is a general ticket office there that will sell you tickets. It is easy to get to and a tourist attraction in itself.

    There are of course other places to buy tickets in the city of Naples and even locations in Rome and Salerno. For a full list of vendors click here.

    Don’t forget to bring your ID with you to the stadium as they usually check your ticket and ID to make sure they match before they allow you to enter!

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    This is really bad, i have finally decided to visit San Paolo, but i don’t think i can get ticket for Manchester City match.

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    Andrew Patke

    Do you have a list of the vendors to buy Napoli tickets in Rome? I can’t find any information on the official website and don’t want to buy online or wait until the day of the game to try and buy tickets at the stadium

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    Christian Ingo

    Is it possible to buy game tickets from third party vendors? Which vendors are most reliable?

    We are travelling with some friends from Finland to watch the game against Juventus 1.12.2017. Could anyone give us some advice how to buy tickets for the game via internet?

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    Gennaro Episcopo

    People have had success buying from viagogo but it’s with risks.

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    Greg Lea


    Thanks for this info. I’m planning to visit Naples in April and would love to attend the Udinese game. Any idea how easy/difficult it’ll be to get tickets? Obviously not the biggest opponents but will be towards the end of the season.


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    Hi all, I’m Tunca from Turkey. On April 2016, I bought a flight ticket to Napoli from Istanbul to watch Napoli – Hellas Verona. Atmosphere was amazing and I ve fallen in love with it then I became a big fan of Napoli. I read books about Napoli’S history and especially Maradona..

    This year i plan to come Napoli again for Juventus game on April again. Can I attend you in Napoli to go Torino? How do you guys lvie your way days in Napoli?

    I will of course wear my jersey and scarf proudly.

    Your brother form turkey, Tunca

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