Crotone 0 – 1 Napoli | Player Ratings & Match Reaction

Napoli XI:

Reina; Maggio, Albiol , Koulibaly, Ghoulam; Allan,  Jorginho (Diawara 77’), Hamsik; Callejon, Mertens (Rog 89’), Insigne (Zielinski 67’)

Crotone XI:

Cordaz; Faraoni (Romero 81’), Simic (Sampirisi 47’), Ceccherini, Martella; Rohden, Barberis (Crociata 73’), Mandragora; Trotta, Budimir, Stoian

Goals: Hamsik 17’


This was not the showing I was expecting from Napoli. After having scored 3 against both Sampdoria and Torino the Partenopei struggled to get much going agains lowly Crotone. The match was worrying as there were very few chances for the Azzuri going forward and a couple of near misses for Crotone. Picking up the three points was obviously a positive but the Neapolitans will need to be much better if they intend on bringing home any silverware.

Match Ratings:

Reina (6.5): He was not too busy at the back aside from when he needed to cover for his error. Decent match for the keeper.

Hysaj (6.0): Solid at the back, but needs to offer more going forward. Hysaj did a good job of defending but ultimately is not good enough to make up for what Ghoulam and, to a lesser extent, Mario Rui bring to the table.

Albiol (6.5): Was solid throughout the match and helped cut Crotone counter attacks early. That being said, he needs to do a better job of closing up space, Crotone had some close calls on long range shots.

Koulibaly (6.5): His performance was similar to Albiol’s. He had a few uncharacteristic misplays with the ball but was generally solid.

Maggio (6.0): More responsible than we are used to seeing at the back and generally solid. Again offered very little going forward.

Allan (8.5): Was an absolute machine in the midfield today. He ran tirelessly and broke up Crotone possession regularly. A key performance that helped Napoli come away with the win.

Jorginho (7.0): Jorginho did well in distribution today but was lacking his typical incisiveness. Was also responsible for losing his man on a near goal for Crotone.

Hamsik (7.75): Breaking Maradona’s record seems to have taken a weight off of the captain’s shoulders. He was efficient in attack, moving well and distributing the ball well. This was an excellent performance from a player that this team needs to be at the top of his game.

Callejon (6.25): Was able to cover well in defense but didn’t have many answers to Crotone’s defence and was taken out of the game in attack.

Mertens (5.5): This was one of Dries’ worst performances in recent memory. The forward was marked out of the match and did very little offensively.  

Insigne (7.5): Effective going down the left, Insigne was far and away the best part of the team’s attacking trio. Should have had a goal but unfortunately struck the bar. He was surprisingly subbed out quite early but nonetheless had an impact on the match.  


Zielinski (6.0): Obviously brings a different style than Insigne on the left flank. Did not do much to help the team get forward but was decent at pressing the Crotone midfield and backline.

Diawara (6.5): He brought in a physical dynamic to the midfield that helped Napoli settle down the game and bring home the win.  

Rog (6.5): Brought in good energy and hustle. Didn’t have much time but was aggressive and tireless.

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