Combating inconsistent attendance rates at the Stadio San Paolo

Carlo Alvino, a popular television journalist on Tv Luna in Naples, made some interesting comments about Napoli fans showing inconstant turnout rates at the San Paolo, as reported by CalcioNapoli24. In his recent broadcast “Pane al Pane, Vino Alvino”, he was quick to point out that the “new generation of the Azzurri fans have become coach potatoes. Napoli fans no longer support their team at the stadium like they once did, almost selling out every match. It is really bad to see the inconsistency of only 10 thousand fans showing up during Napoli-Shakhtar and 50 thousand between Napoli-Fiorentina”.

There are multiple factors that could be contributing to this recent phenomenon. First, increasing ticket prices, especially during Champions League, range from 50-60 Euros in the curvas and over 100 Euros in the Tribuna sections which are usually half price for league fixtures. Thus, leaving many fans choosing which matches to spend the big bucks on.

Second, a common custom throughout Italy is to watch matches together with friends or family at restaurants and bars. This can create an intense mini-like San Paolo atmosphere which leaves customers opting to prefer the social lifestyle and continuously return to certain venues. The wider issue surrounding Italian football is the quality of stadiums with 44% of seats left empty, on average, across the country. As a result, there is not enough demand in Naples and other Italian stadiums that would fill 50-60 thousand seats every single match with most fans complaining about the increasing ticket prices.

It’s always hard on the eyes seeing the San Paolo half empty on certain match days that fans deem as “less important”, as seen in the Napoli-Shakhtar game. Perhaps, the answer lies in the Napoli city council to finally come to an agreement sell the ground to ADL, letting the president/club take ownership of the stadium. This would make it easier to produce massive renovations that would decrease the amount of seats to 40 thousand or scrap the historic ground all together and relocate elsewhere in the city. Another possibility is making up various promotional discounts regularly on certain match days in order to ensure a consistent sell-out crowd.

According to the team’s official website, fans who buy a ticket for Napoli v Sampdoria would be able to purchase a ticket for Napoli v Udinese at a special Ticket Promo price. The list of prices are as follows:

Napoli v Sampdoria, Serie A:

Tribuna Posillipo: €40

Tribuna Nisida: €28

Tribuna Family: €15/€5

Distinti: €18

Curve: €12

Napoli v Udinese Ticket Promo prices:

Tribuna Posillipo: €7

Tribuna Nisida: €6

Distinti: €5

Curve: €3

This promotional ticket offer seems to be the best short-term solution to the inconsistent ticket rates at the San Paolo. This gives the Napoli faithful a great opportunity to keep showing up regularly and who are not part of the ultras sections. Moreover, with the fantastic start to the season and recent slipups, the Partenopei will be counting on all tifosi to be their twelfth man for the Scudetto run and through all matches, including Europa League and Coppa Italia ties.

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