Napoli 0 – 0 Inter | Match Reaction & Player Ratings

Match Reaction:

This match came as a surprise to many, as a lot of people at the start of the season didn’t think that this game would be Napoli’s opportunity to already go 5 points clear of second place. Both teams started off the match well defensively, as neither really had any clear cut scoring chances. However, as the game went on, Napoli, as well as Inter, had a few decent chances. However, both Handanovic and Inter´s defense did well to not let us take the lead. At the start of the second half Inter were the better side, and would have most likely taken the lead if it weren’t for Albiol being there to clear the ball off the line. Napoli then picked up the pace, and began to really put the pressure onto Inter’s defense. For the rest of the game, Napoli were the better side yet none of the front three brought their shooting boots today, and therefore it meant that all of our chances lead to nothing in the end.

Match Ratings:

Reina (6): Very quiet day today for Reina. However, he made the saves when he had to and was great in distributing the ball from the back.

Hysaj (7.5): He did great to keep Perisic pretty much completely out of the game. Also, he was good going forward and his crosses led to two of our best chances of the night.

Albiol (7): Another solid performance from Albiol tonight. Did great in helping Koulibaly keep Icardi out of the game. Not to mention, his goal line clearance saved us from going 1-0 down and potentially losing undeservedly.

Koulibaly (8.5): Another absolutely monster performance from Koulibaly. Completely kept Icardi from having the slightest impact on the game, and he was making tackles all over the field. In my opinion, he was the Man of the Match tonight.

Ghoulam (7): Like the rest of his defensive partners, Ghoulam had another solid game tonight. He was very solid defensively and continued to impress me with his ability going forward.

Hamsik (6.5): Although he struggled against Manchester City on Tuesday, tonight was a good bounce back performance for Hamsik. He did very well to get in behind Inter´s defense, and made some nice final passes that could have ended up giving us the lead.

Jorginho (6): Nothing particularly special from Jorginho tonight. He wasn’t at his best, but still good enough. Did his job in controlling the game and made some nice tackles as well.

Allan (6): Like Jorginho, this wasn’t Allan’s best game. He did well to track back and win the ball plenty, but he was a bit sloppy going forward with the ball and did lose it a fair amount.

Insigne (6.5): Even though he was injured, Insigne hit the ground running today as usual. He worked from the first minute all the way until the whistle blew to create chances. He had quite a few good scoring chances himself today, just couldn’t hit the target.

Callejon (5.5): Quiet game from Callejon today, although we tried to target him early, Nagatomo did a good job in keeping him out of the game. The injury he picked up right before halftime is concerning, as he definitively seemed to be hurting in the second half.

Mertens (5.5): He was kept out of the game tonight by Inter’s physical center backs. Only got a few good chances to score, one in which he could have passed of to Insigne that would have most likely been a goal.


Zielinski (6): Provided great energy of the bench, and was good whenever the ball came to his feet. Nearly came close to scoring, but a great save from Handanovic in the end.

Rog (6): Good substitute appearance from Rog. Won the ball back, and did well to try and create chances when he had the opportunity. He is a guy who I would love to see start some games in the future.

Ounas (6): Every time I watch Ounas play, I want to see him play more and more. The occasion didn’t scare him off at all tonight, and he nearly created a few good scoring opportunities in the little time he had. Although he may not start many games given he is behind Callejon, I would love for him to continue to get regular substitute appearances.


  1. Hurts not to get the full 3 points today as they seem deserved yet it says a lot about the type of team you have when the second place team comes to your house and plays as defensive as Inter did today. Hadanovic is a beast. Inter will ride him and Icardi all the way to a Champions League qualification this year.

  2. Annoyed we did not win. But our front three looked tired.

    The match ratings are poor. Whoever does them does not understand the game. Jorginho was MOTM. He is currently the bets midfielder in the world.

    Hysaj 7.5? Someone must have been on crack. Accept one cross he lost the ball every time in attack.

    No way Insigne was better than Callejon today.

  3. The front three are indeed tired, and Mertens in particular. We only scored 2 goals in our last three games and one of them is a penalty. Lack of rotation ( which is a result of lack of investment in depth ) might finally be showing. I am worried it doesn’t bode well moving forward. At this point, perhaps it make sense to “throw away” UCL ( and maybe Copa as well ) and go for the league only.

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