Manchester City 2 – 1 Napoli | Player Ratings

Reina (6) : A frustrating opening twenty for him, however coupled with a defence who looked almost shell-shocked for a majority of the first half.

Ghoulam (6.5) : Made up for a woeful first half performance by showing up spectacularly after Insigne left the pitch, winning the penalty and making constant forward runs.

Albiol (5.5) : Made some wonderful last ditch efforts but a horribly shabby opening twenty really cost Napoli the game, however in saying that the entire defence is to blame.

Koulibaly (5.5) : Much of the same as Albiol, however found his footing in the second half after almost watching the game for most of the first.

Hysaj (5.5) : Perhaps the most dreadful of the defensive line early in the first half, shifted into the next gear early in the second half only to be subbed off after a clash with Silva.

Zielinski (5) : To say he was invisible in the first half would be an understatement, however his second half performance somewhat made up for it. Seemed frightened to even go in for the ball at times and other times looked simply lazy when dropping back.

Hamsik (6) : Made up for a midfield who were severely lacking for most of the first half, contributed greatly to the attacking reinvigoration that characterized our second half performance.

Diawara (6.5) : A lad who’s not offered his best on the European stage, however a monster second half performance saw him mature greatly, even scoring his first goal for the club.

Insigne (6.5) : By far and large the best player on the pitch in his time there and the only one contributing to any attacking play whatsoever for much of the first half. Worrying to see him hobble off so early, hopefully just a precautionary choice he made so as to play against Inter later in the week.

Mertens (5) : Quiet and almost invisible during the woeful first half performance, missing a crucial penalty which could have, looking back, meant a lot more in the grand scheme of things.

Callejon (5.5) : A quiet and fumbled first half performance somewhat outweighed by a second half performance which saw him ferocious and hungry for the ball.


Maggio (5) : Not much to say about his performance except that he looked very out of his depth.

Allan (6.5) : A beast as soon as he hit the pitch, Allan battled undyingly in the midfield and crafted some wonderful plays.

Ounas (N/A): A confident young lad indeed it must be said, taking on two or three players at a time and creatively expressing himself without fail.


  1. I almost feel sarri is handcuffed having to start Hamsik every game. We saw against Donestk that starting Hamsik and Zielinski turned out to be horrible. Allan was really good when he came on.

    Napoli was shell shocked not sure why? They can play against these guys. And as bad as they played the first 25 minutes they had a solid chance of tying the game up

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