“Serie A Stronger with 16 Teams”- ADL

Aurelio De Laurentiis attacked Tavecchio and the format of the Serie A during an interview with Radio24 from Los Angeles last Friday as reported by calciofinanza. The patron of the Partenopei launched his idea for the Italian football reform by stating that “in 1986 there were 16 teams in the league. If there were still 16 teams the league would be more competitive and the people happier. Also, only one team should be relegated”. ADL then hit out against Tavecchio stating that “Tavecchio is only concerned about keeping his powerful position and his armchair pretending not to hear. We also see how UEFA rearranges football to please everyone.”

He quickly criticized the financial aspect of it all, ” Having 20 Serie A teams does not bring more money and it is a league that is not good for small clubs, or those who like competitiveness- continued the president of Napoli- The market has become madness! Now we have to sell in order to keep up with other leagues. That proves Italian football is far behind.”

The Napoli president also spoke about scudetto chances, “In my house there are tons of horns and noise makers ready for celebrations. I would like to let the world see them unload with our passionate fans to the envy of others.”

With newly side Benevento sitting at the bottom of the table with 0 points and considering the number of blowouts we’ve seen this early in the season, one has to wonder if De Laurentiis is on to something. It’s hard to argue that a 16 team Serie A would be more competitive, but the question is would it be an overall better league?


  1. While I generally agree with ADL’s comments here, I would rather see Serie A trim down to 18 teams, with 2 relegated/promoted every season.

    I still want to be able to see some of the deserving smaller sides get a chance (like Spal, who have shown some fight this year), but this would help to eliminate the teams that just aren’t ready to compete at this level.

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