Sepe agent: “He’s decided now… the club doesn’t believe in him.”

Mario Giuffredi, agent of Napoli keeper Luigi Sepe, spoke to Radio CRC about his client’s situation. Here is what he had to say:

I hear that Napoli may want to keep him in order to maintain the homegrown players requirement (3) which is disrespectful. If they don’t sell him it must only be because they think he is an important goalkeeper. You can’t diminish his value. He wants to play with consistency. He’s decided now. He would have liked to stay to backup Reina but we see that the club is after a lot of goalkeepers. Everyday a lot of names circulate. This means that the club doesn’t believe in him. I’ve read about Meret and a lot others for the future so we will leave. He could be a backup with the prospect of being a starter in the future but they must not believe in him if they are moving as they are.

On the possibility of going to Sampdoria
It’s not right to name any clubs. It’s true that Pradé knows him from their time at Fiorentina. There are also the 3 newly promoted sides. We will sign with the first club that demonstrates to us that they really want Sepe.

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