Serie A TV Rights Chaos | Bids Rejected & Deadline Extended

The Serie A received bids for their TV rights on Saturday but unanimously decided not to award them as they felt the bids were unsatisfactory. Mediaset did not offer a bid in protest to some of the conditions involved.

It’s certainly a setback for the league which is looking to secure a total of around 1 billion euros for the 3 year span of rights, which would only be slightly more than their current deal, and relative peanuts to the English Premier League’s monster 8 billion plus euro deal. 

The league has decided it will continue to weigh its options and consider bids until November if necessary. Among its options is thought to be the formation of a channel controlled by the league itself. There is also said to be interest by Google and Amazon for internet rights. 

We can only hope that this rather embarassing situation forces the league to take a more innovative approach in not only the way it offers its product to the public, but in working toward developing a more valuable and attractive product that does not have problems drawing investors. 

The news will not affect any deals in place for the 2017-2018 season as it addressess the rights to the 3 seasons which follow. 

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