Bellinazzo warns Napoli soon “won’t be able to compete with big clubs in Italy.” & thinks ADL may soon look to sell. Your thoughts?

Economic expert in the area of sport, Marco Bellinazzo held an interview with Il Mattino on the club’s economic situation and future. Here are some parts highlighted by CalcioNapoli24:

If Napoli have managed to stay in the mix with the top clubs, it is only due to the technical value of the team and not the club’s organization. Soon it won’t be able to continue to fight off the attacks of stronger clubs.

It’s always a matter regarding the stadium situation. Having your own quality stadium means increasing your revenue by 30 percent. In its current state, Napoli lose about 10 to 15 million a year. Sooner or later they won’t be able to compete with the big clubs in Italy and Europe.

On De Laurentiis’ hesitancy
It’s obvious that investing in a stadium requires a lot of money and for you to have a 5 year or 10 year plan. If the president isn’t interested, it’s probably because his intention is to sell the club shortly.

On the possibility of simply lacking the funds
This is true. It’s not an investment he couldn’t face alone but I don’t think it would be difficult to find willing business partners. If you aren’t interested in the long term, then it’s much easier to go on renting a space and not take on additional costs.

On the other teams making progress
All of them are. Let’s put aside the fact that Juventus has over 500 employees. This shows you the strength of a club that doesn’t limit itself only to the players on the pitch. Look at Roma, even if they’ve had problems with the city, they are making progress. Atalanta has bought their stadium, Fiorentina, Bologna is getting started on a restyling. They all recognize the need to increase the services offered and the number of spectators. Napoli, on the other hand, rests where it is and becomes weaker.


  1. The main criticism I have for what Bellinazzo had to say is that if the team is doing well because it is “techinically” good on the pitch, then that is to the credit of ADL and the club for choosing the right players and staff throughout the years. Even this transfer session, I feel that Napoli are sitting back and waiting to see where they can get value vs just throwing money at the first player they think is a good fit. I know it can be a frustrating strategy for some fans but really it’s how we got to where we are today. I have full faith in the way ADL has been operating the club, especially now that he has Giuntoli and Sarri by his side.

    A new stadium would be great, just as we spoke about how international tournaments in other continents would be great too. However, considering just how close we are to winning something special, I have no problem with the club focusing their energy and resources on that goal. Once we hopefully accomplish something special, and the current cycle runs its course, then I think the next stage in our development will be to acquire our own infrastructure and stadium, while also really building our brand abroad.

    • I feel like In today’s situation, teams are investing more and more money. As a Napoli fan, I can say that it is frustrating that we are so close to competing for the scudetto and even champions league, when all we need are just those few major signings. Of course its much more difficult than that. Napoli is good at working with what we have. We create our own superstars and our own fame. Our style of play is attractive and effective. But I also believe we should not settle for that.

      Though this strategy works, a more aggressive approach can boost us further. Whether ADL wants to sell the team or not, in order to make money we must spend it. Napoli had caught the eyes of many and it’s important to capitalize. Napoli is already one of the hardest teams to beat at home. If we had a stadium like Dortmund, imagine how much more intimidating our fans can be, breathing on top of the field. I see this for Napoli, but if we play the waiting game we will not see it any time soon. Fans would want to go to the games and even tourists. Brand exposure.

  2. On the long term, yes, we definitely need our own stadium. Not sure if ADL is well to do enough to fund it. He’s always giving the excuse that the city council blocked his move. If funding is the problem, perhaps he can invite foreign partnership or even convert Napoli to one own by the fans as per the soci system practiced by Barca and Real Madrid.

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