Foket intermediary: “Napoli his first choice.” & how his transfer could depend on Maggio

Ulisse Savini, intermediary for rightback Thomas Foket, spoke to radio Radio CRC about the Belgian’s current situation:

There aren’t any big developments. Napoli first has to decide what to do with Maggio otherwise it’s difficult to get another fullback considering the roster restrictions. There are some foreign club’s interested in the player, as well as Atalanta. There is no doubt Giuntoli likes him as well. Thomas strongly wants to put on Napoli blues. Napoli is his first choice. He’s been speaking about it in these past days with Mertens. We’ll see if things come together.

There aren’t any release clauses in his contract but he’s only a year away from it expiring. You can get him for under 10 million.

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