Reina ranked 11th in Serie A for save percentage | Szczesny ranked 2nd

Italian journalist Sergio Chesi put together some stats that show the past season for Reina was his worst in a Napoli shirt. In the season that just concluded, Pepe Reina ranked 11th among goalkeepers for his save percentage, a stat which seems him far from the leaders in the league, including Napoli target Wojciech Szczesny who ranks 2nd. The difference in percentage equals about 5-6 goals over a season which could have had a decisive impact on the season.

Of course this isn’t completely fair to Reina who had some very important saves as well (the save against Roma in the second half of the season immediately comes to mind) and of course there is no way to understand just how many goals Napoli have scored precisely because Reina’s distribution from goal is absolutely world-class. Either way, in light of these stats, it’s easy to understand why one of Napoli’s priorities in this transfer window seems to be at the goalkeeper position.

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