Napoli nearly double revenue in past year increasing to over 300 million euros

Calcio e Finanza have recently given their estimates for what Napoli’s revenue for the past year should be (308 million euro), a near 100% increase from last year’s total of 155 million euro.

Revenue from home matches increased to 22.55 million from 15.35 million last year. That was driven by this year’s Champions League matches which saw Napoli take in 8.2 million. Over half of that sum came in on the one match against Real Madrid which brought in almost 4.5 million euros. The total for Serie A matches was 13.9 million.

Added to the ticket sales revenue for Champions league matches, are tv rights and bonuses gained for playing in Europe’s top competition. They total an additional 65.7 million euros. Considering the windfall of money, it’s clear to understand why teams obsess so much about Champions League qualification.

Napoli should also make about 103.3 million euros in profit from player sales on their balance sheet. Remember this is a bit more complicated than just adding up and subtracting incoming and outgoing transfer totals. The club spread’s out the cost of incoming transfers over the lifespan of their contract.

It’s certainly great to see Napoli have such a successful year both on the pitch and balance sheet. However, considering that the majority of revenue increase came from the Champions League and player sales, there is still a lot of work to do in order to increase the club’s structural revenue and provide an even more secure and stable future.

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