Formisano explains why Napoli is hesitant on foreign tournaments. Your thoughts?

Napoli sales and marketing director, Alessandro Formisano, spoke today as Napoli announced some of their summer plans for their training camp in Dimaro and touched upon a subject of great interest to foreign fans; Napoli’s possible participation in foreign tournaments. Here is what he had to say:

On the summer training camp at Dimaro
The dates set aside by Sarri and the staff are arrival the 5th and departure the 25th of July in case we have to face preliminaries for Champions League and in case we are already qualified, arrival the 8th and departure the 27th of July. We will have a symbiotic relationship with the grounds and especially the supporters. We will also have famous artists present like those from “Made in Sud” and our DJ Decibel Bellini. The staff here has always been extremely accommodating and we look forward to this summer.

On the friendly scheduled with Maradona
Diego has some plans with FIFA so we are still working on selecting a date. We are working on it and speaking with his agent.

On the possibility participating in summer tournaments abroad
In these years we’ve always organized the summer preparations with the technical staff and even if we haven’t participated in long summer tournaments abroad we tried to balance the interests of the staff, team, fans and commercial interests. We’ve played in tournaments in both London and Barcelona in the past so we’ve never excluded that possibility. We’ll speak with the coach next week about the summer preparations. We obviously always favor sporting results over the opportunity to make money in a place that may be too far away.

I’ve highlighted this last part because I know it’s an issue fans constantly bring up. Many of us foreign fans want to see Napoli travel to our country during summer preparations so that we can get an opportunity to see our favorite players live. But what we often fail to consider, is how this actually affects the team’s preparations. Coaches have complained in the past that it often means their teams aren’t full prepared physically or mentally for the start for the season. That is easy to understand considering all that is involved in these tournaments that force teams to travel to and around a foreign continent. Of course the other side is that by not participating in these foreign tournaments, the club is missing a good opportunity to connect with its fanbase abroad and to increase its overall brand presence globally.

So what are your thoughts? Should Napoli be signing up for these foreign summer international tournaments or is it best for them to focus 100% on being as prepared as possible for the start of the season? Would you want the chance to see your favorite players live if it might cost us a few points later during the season or do you think the negative effect is being largely overblown? I’m curious to hear your thoughts!


  1. I completely understand what he is saying in regards to proper preparation for the upcoming season, and if we finish in 3rd and have to worry about a playoff for Champion’s League, it probably does make the most sense. But as an American, I would very much like to see the club do a better job of promoting everything SSC Napoli here in the states. We are playing such beautiful calcio, and lauded all over Europe, would be great if more Americans were aware.

    • I agree 100% but understand the club’s struggle. Ultimately if Sarri says that it would jeopardize preparations then how do you go against him? I certainly want to see them come here eventually somehow, I just feel that right now we are so close to doing something very special and every little small detail matters at this point.

  2. I agree with Ruggiero with the fact that we shouldn’t play if we have to play CL preliminaries because it could tire us out. Other than that, I think it’s overblown. Real Madrid plays in these tournaments and they also play 60 games a season without a problem. It’s a good way to try out young players and players that don’t get much of a chance during the season like Leandrinho, Zerbin, Schiavi, Marfella, Schaeper, Rog, Tonelli, Maksimovic, Rog, Milik, Sepe(if he stays). We have a whole squad we could use instead of our key guys and even then, with no sub limit, I’d be happy to even watch Hamsik, Insigne and Mertens for just 10 minutes.

  3. I’m with you guys but I’m OK with waiting just a few more years and try to set everything up perfectly to make a serious title run. If we can accomplish that ultimate goal of winning a major trophy, I think it becomes necessary to shift the focus a bit to growing the brand globally and can justify the risky nature of the foreign summer tournaments.

  4. I think that given the size of our club, and the ambitions of them moving forward, this is the best approach for now. We need to get stronger before we go on these tours. Also, the draw of Napoli is not there yet with Real Madrid, PSG, Barcelona, etc. I think we need to grow and worry about home base first…Stadium situation, club infrastructure, etc.

  5. For now, Napoli still doesn’t have that wide international fan base as more well established clubs. So I think for now, it is better for the club players and coach to focus on football and be more well prepared for the season rather than tiring them to travel to some far away places for some sponsorship money.

    The best exposure we can have is if we can go far in the Champions League. That will attract many viewers and potential future fans. I am from Asia and hardly anyone follow or even heard about Napoli, due to the dominance of the Premier League and La Liga in Cable TV. People simply don’t know about the football Napoli can play or they have preconceived notion that Serie A games are still very dull and defensive in decades ago. Perhaps the Serie A clubs can lobby the FGIC to do something about it.

    • Great point about the Serie A. As a league, they need to be doing much more to improve their product and market it abroad. These foreign tournaments can help build more international support but as you said, the best way to do that is simply by winning. If skipping these tournaments even slightly increases our chances of winning , then I understand the decision. At least for now, and especially for this next year. Within a 5 year time though I think we’ll need to figure something out and start to make contact with the fanbase abroad. ADL just recently quoted that study that said Napoli had great support in the USA. Hopefully, we’ll get to test that out at some point in the future!

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