Napoli celebrates 30 year anniversary of its first scudetto | Special match announced

Today is the 30th anniversary of Napoli’s 1st scudetto win in the 1986/87 season. It’s a day that older Napoli fans will remember fondly while younger fans are only left to imagine what that must have been like and dream about the possibility of seeing their beloved Napoli once again rise to the top of the Serie A. That Napoli side was of course captained by soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona and would also go on to win another scudetto and UEFA Cup two years later.

The special anniversary has been celebrated in a number of ways. Earlier in the year, Maradona performed in his own sort of one-man-show called “3 volte 10” which celebrated that scudetto and spoke a bit about his life. A movie called “Maradonapoli” was also released in Italy and focused on Maradona’s rise to legendary status during the time of that first championship. It centers around the special relationship formed between Maradona and Neapolitans; a relationship that to this day sees Maradona placed on a sort of supernatural pedestal.

Today, many of the players and people involved in that first scudetto have also been welcomed to city hall by the mayor to celebrate and reminisce on that monumental occasion. The club has also recently announced that between July 2nd and July 7th, a special match will be held at the San Paolo in honor of that first scudetto. All of the players of that championship team will be invited and teams will be mixed with Napoli players of the present and past. Maradona may play a half on both sides just to make things fair. It will certainly be a very special affair for all those involved; on the pitch, in the stands and watching from home.

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