ADL: “Maradona will be the club’s ambassador in the world.”

Ansa De Luca

The possibility of Maradona having a role in the club’s future seems to be increasing based of the words of Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis last night before entering the San Carlo theater to see Diego’s show: “Last Saturday Maradona and I spoke in Rome for some time. As soon as he has resolved all his problems with the government, he will be Napoli’s ambassador in the world.”

Diego also spoke about the possibility saying, “I spoke with De Laurentiis and he’s invited me to the match against Real Madrid. We’ll see what we can do for Napoli in Italy and in the world. I’m working in Dubai and we’ll see if there’s the possibility to do something for the club.”

Initial rumors of Maradona taking on a role within the club made headlines across the world and are a demonstration of the type of publicity the legendary number 10 could provide for the club. It still remains difficult to imagine exactly what type of role Maradona could have, especially considering his fiery personality and that of the Napoli president as well. However, the possibility of the two reaching an agreement seems far more likely now than it ever did before.

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