Maradona opens up to working with Napoli but at his terms; Could he help the club?

After years of problems with Italian authorities over accusations of tax evasion Maradona can freely visit Italy without problems now. He has been in Naples for the past few days in order to participate in the event “3 times 10” commemorating Maradona’s life and the 30 years since Napoli’s first scudetto. Here are some comments he has made during his time back:

On returning to Naples
The love people show me continues to surprise me. There are kids who have never seen me with a ball but who get emotional and cry to take a photo with me. Parents have passed on their love for me to their children.

On speaking with ADL about working with the club
We’ve made the first step. I could work for Napoli in the world. I’ve encountered Napoli supporters in Venezuela, Colombia; they are always louder than anybody else. We have to do things well. I want a winning team, a team that can play head to head with Juventus, Milan, Inter, Roma. He’s understood this. He didn’t know much about soccer before but now he is an expert.

It will be interesting to see if De Laurentiis and Maradona can agree upon a role for Maradona to take with the club. Nobody can argue that having Maradona work with the club could provide some great exposure for Napoli and definitely increase the club’s marketability and overall appeal. The question is how exactly would that dynamic work? Will two strong headed men like ADL and Maradona be able to have a healthy working relationship? Will Maradona be able to respect whatever lines are placed for him in his assigned role? Maradona is undoubtedly a great asset to the club however figuring out exactly how to use that asset for the betterment of the club may prove to be a tricky affair.

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