Study shows Napoli with 61% supporter growth in 5 years

According to the study “Sport Fans” by Stage Up and Ipsos which surveyed 14-64 year old Italians on the peninsula, Napoli is the team that has seen the biggest increase in supporters in the past 5 years with an impressive 61% growth (1,809,000 in 2011 to the current day 2,910,000). Behind Napoli are Bologna  (+58%) and Lazio (+46%). 

Juventus are the most supported team with 8,316,000 supporters, Milan second with (4,201,000), 3rd place is Inter with (3,934,000), 4th Napoli  with (2,910,000) and then Roma is 5th with (1,906,000).

Only 14% of Juventus’ support comes from their region of Piedmont, 17% from the Northeast region, another 14% from Italy’s Central region while 40% come from the South and major islands.

Napoli have done well to increase their appeal these past few years and will be hoping to continue the trend going forward. If Napoli can tap into some of the strong Juventus support in the South then there could be a lot of room for growth in the future.

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