Reina: “We aren’t scared of anyone.”

Napoli keeper Pepe Reina spoke with Radio KissKissNapoli. Here is what he had to say:

Let’s hope that the squad has become mature. There are some positive signs after a difficult October and November. We had some solid performances during that time but were not able to seal results. The past few matches have gone well. Let’s hope this is the level of the team.

We can’t think about the Champions League. We’ve hit an important objective, to arrive among the best 16 in Europe but now we have the focus on the league. Torino is doing great and has a lot of offensive power. It will surely be a difficult match. It’s our last home match before the break so it is important for us to win with a solid performance.

Mertens is becoming an even more important player than what he was. He is the future of this team and a special friend. I get along with everyone but we have a special relationship.

The game against Real Madrid is an important occassion for the city to enjoy such an important match as well. It’s a difficult match against one of the best teams in the world. It will be extremely hard to qualify to the next stage. We’ll have to go to the Bernabeu without any fear and sieze the opportunity to make history. Obviously I expect a supercharged San Paolo for the return match, capable of giving the team that extra push. The match in Madrid will be difficult. It’s always hard to get a result on the road. We aren’t scared of anyone though.

Merry Christmas to everyone and the best of health. The important thing is to be happy with those important to you.

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