Napoli face Real Madrid in dream Champions League matchup

Dream or nightmare? In many ways this clash is both. It’s a dream because this is what European football is all about; measuring yourself against the very top teams and players in the world, getting to visit exciting European cities and playing on legendary grounds. Real Madrid certainly offers the very best of all that. It’s a nightmare because when you look down at the two rosters you know there is only one clear favorite and this could very well be our last two European nights of the season.

Yet matches aren’t decided on paper and there is a sort of quiet optimism permeating the Azzurri fans and players that believes that when this team is on, it can beat anybody on any given day. Napoli have displayed world-class football at points throughout this season and for many faithful it may just be the most impressive Napoli side they can remember. So why not believe that we can take it to Real Madrid? In 2012 didn’t an inferior Napoli side lead by Walter Mazzarri nearly pull off an upset against a Chelsea side that would later win the Champions League themselves? Not to say Napoli suppporters should be expecting to get a positive result from this clash but what’s not to get excited about when you feel you’ve got a puncher’s chance to pull off what would be a historic result in your club’s history? That is indeed the stuff of dreams are mad of isn’t it?

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