Sarri conference


First press conference for Sarri and Napoli today here are some of the comments:

Koulibaly is a great player but he still makes some foolish mistakes as we saw during the summer.

I prefer not to speak about Higuain as he is now a Juventus player. We cannot expect any one player to replace those goals but the team as a whole can. The summer friendlies seemed to have proved that point although we still need to improve on those performances. Mertens, Hamsik and Callejon can score more. Gabbiadini and Milik also have proven track record and we need to put faith in them. I regret that there have been so many rumors regarding a Gabbiadini departure. Manolo has been working hard all summer and he has a lot of goals in him.

I’m excited to coach this team. There are young but very talented players. Our way of playing should not change much this year. Milik is more inclined to come back for the ball and participate in the build up while Gabbiadini is more inclined to attack forward space. The important thing is not to leave the forward isolated as we did at times during the Hertha friendly. 

Zielinski is an extremely talented player and I believe with his abilities he should score more.

The preseason is so important because we are afforded so little time to practice during the season with all the games.

The fans need to be conscious of the our possibilities versus other realities and patient. Napoli is not the center of the world.

A coach can only do so much. The rest is up to the talent of the team and lady luck.

The absence of Higuain is not an alibi but motivation for each player to give a little bit more.

January will be difficult for our defence as we will lose Koulibaly and Ghoulam to the African Cup. If I were a president I would protest the African Cup.

No comment on the Tonelli injury. That is the job of the doctors.

Are we competitive for three competitions? My Job is to make the team play to its full potential in all three competitions.

To bring back enthusiasm to the fans we have to perform on the field. What we say counts for little.

We are proud to play in the Champions League but we enter it with no expectations. 

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